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This patroller is having WAY too much fun. Pics by Grant Myrdal

A year ago Grant Myrdal was suffering from snow withdrawals. This year his voice is hoarse from all the powder whoops, shooting skiers and snowboarders shredding the powder with great joy.

Let's take Grant's latest batch of awesome powder pics and split them up by rider.

Up first, Jason Murray with some super-smooth stuff:

Yep, that's in Jack's Woods, a very good place to be this winter. That shot is one in a series, and when I get a chance I want to post a flip-animation-style gallery showing the whole sequence of Jason in that deep snow.

But for now, let's take a look at the next featured athlete, Eric Bernhardt:

Can you tell he's a race coach? Here's how Grant describes Eric: "super cool guy, race coach and absolutely riiiiips."

Up, next Diane Chacon, making fresh tracks in Jack's:

With her husband Tracy Chacon:

What a snow year!

More coming soon...