Ripping it down Silver Bowl. Photos by Grant Myrdal

It's hard to beat the double-black-diamond terrain on Silver Bowl when the snow is fresh and the light is rich and sharp.

Sunday, January 24th was one of those days, and on-the-mountain photographer Grant Myrdal couldn't get enough:

howling wind and plumes of pow streaming into the bowl all day, refreshing tracks every few seconds. I got blown to pieces standing there shooting for hours but it was so good there was no leaving. The silver locals lapped it all day long - screaming 100-yard turns, turn after turn down the longest sustained pitch on the mountain.

Jason Watts

The latest batch of images from Grant and Dylan Newman, shot from Silver to Rock Garden to Vista, serve as further evidence that 2015-16 is a season we will remember for a long, long time. Keep it coming!

Diego Borcher