The "Keep Portland Weird" Stumptown Birkie was a big hit

A little over a year ago, Bjorn van der Voo and I secured the domain name Shred Hood and started building a community news site to cover skiing and snowboarding on Mount Hood. launched in October 2013, and 343 articles later, here are the top 10 Shred Hood news stories so far, ranked by page views:

1. Snow storm shuts down Portland, allowing for an urban ski race

2. Asit Rathod is writing the book on Mount Hood’s classic descents

3. Mt. Hood Express expands its bus service to Timberline Lodge

4. Dan Kneip fights his way through cancer and back onto Mount Hood

5. Jackie Wiles is selected to represent the U.S. (and Mount Hood) at the Olympics

6. Wrongful death lawsuit vs. Skibowl opens with testy exchanges

7. 341 high school racers shred the gates for the 2014 Cato Memorial

8. Grant Myrdal’s Great Adventure

9. Silent Rock won’t be particularly silent once the rock­ blasting begins

10. Kohnstamm: A Mount Hood Gondola would be “very doable” and “pretty cool”

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