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62-year-old Edward Trompke of Lake Oswego was saved by search-and-rescue teams after falling about 200 feet near Crater Rock on the south side of Mount Hood Wednesday morning.

A news release from the Clackamas County Sheriff's office said that Trompke was hiking with his son when he decided to turn back from their summit attempt after cramping up. On the way down down the mountain he fell several hundred feet near Crater Rock above Palmer Snowfield, injuring his head and shoulder.

Trompke works as an attorney with with Jordan Ramis.

Here is the full text of the press release:

At approximately 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, January 07, 2015 the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office received reports of a fallen climber on Mt Hood. Initial reports were that the fall had occurred near the Crater Rock above the Palmer Snow Field on the mountain. The climber -- Edward Trompke, 62, of Lake Oswego -- fell and slid several hundred feet.

Edward Trompke was hiking with his son. They had started their hike around 11pm the day before, which is common for summiting Mt. Hood. Near the Hogs Back Edward Trompke had a cramp on break and decided to turn around.

While walking back down he fell and slid about 200 feet. He injured his shoulder and hit his head during the fall. They called 911 for assistance, his injuries made him unable to hike down after the fall.

Clackamas County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue responded and called resources to help with the rescue. American Medical Response's Reach and Treat (RAT) Team, trained volunteers from Portland Mountain Rescue responded.

At 12:15 pm paramedics with AMR reached Mr. Trompke. They assessed his injuries and determined he could be transported down the mountain on a sked [basic rescue system] device. Portland Mountain Rescue responded with equipment and brought him down off of the mountain.

Mr. Trompke left with his son to get treatment. The extent of his injuries is unknown.

Mr. Trompke had a cell phone with him but did not have a Mountain Locator Device. Search and Rescue encourages anyone climbing the mountain to have a mountain locator device.

Mountain Locator Units may be rented from the following locations:
* Mountain Shop, 628 NE Broadway, Portland (503)288-6768
* Mt Hood Inn, 87450 E. Govt Camp Loop, Government Camp OR (open 24 hours) (503)272-3205
* REI - Portland, 1405 NW Johnson , St., Portland, OR (503) 221-1938
* REI - Tigard, 7410 SW Bridgeport, Tigard OR (503)624-8600

Mount Hood is the second most climbed mountain in the world behind Mount Fuji in Japan, and accidents are fairly common. Three people died on the mountain in the summer of 2013, and search-and-rescue teams have responded to six emergencies since Shred Hood launched in October of 2013, including:

* Another 62-year-old climber who survived an 800-foot fall in November of 2013;

* A Catholic Priest from New Jersey who died on Mount Hood in May of 2014;

* A 59-year-old man who was airlifted to safety after falling into a fumarole in May of 2014;

* Two lost teenagers rescued near the Sandy Glacier Caves in November of 2014;

* An outdoor enthusiast who went missing in December of 2014 and was never found.