The 2015 Cascade Spring Park at Meadows features some nice, large jumps under the Cascade chair. Photo by Grant Myrdal

The new Cascade Spring Park on the upper mountain at Mt. Hood Meadows is earning high praise for variety and flow.

The park is a collaboration between the Meadows parks and grooming teams and the specialists at Snow Park Technologies, and it is well-placed directly under the Cascade chair, for maximum entertainment.

The park consists of the following features, in order:

Small/Medium Line: Flat box, jump, flat down box, ledge, mini jam to wall ride, T-box, down bar, 2 jumps.

Medium/Large Line: Flat box, flat bar, up-down offset boxes, up-down propane tanks, down bar, pole jam, down flat down, c-box, propane tank pyramid, hip, 2 jumps, hip.

This slide show from Grant Myrdal highlights some big-air adventures from the Spring Park's launch in late March:

Photos by Grant Myrdal.