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Mackenzie Green of the MAC club, shown here racing last spring at Timberline, finished third in the 2013 Winterstart slalom on Meadows.

The Mount Hood Racing season is off to a confusing start due to lack of snow followed by a huge blizzard, but racers did manage to squeeze in a couple of slalom competitions on Saturday.

Jenna Jansky of Jesuit High and Jack Botti of Sunset took first in the first Metro Ski League race of 2014 on Pucci at Timberline Saturday.

Michel Macedo of Cascade Winter Sports Club and Lili Bouchard of Mount Bachelor Sports Education Foundation were the top finishers in the Winterstart slalom at Meadows for top junior racers.

Both races were held in challenging conditions, with tough visibility, deep snow and ruts, not to mention large lift lines to get back up the hill. The junior varsity Metro League competitors did not get to complete their second run after Timberline shut down its lifts at about 2 pm Saturday.

Here are the top ten finishers for the Metro League Race:


  1. Jenna Jansky, Jesuit 1:10.80
  2. Linda Miettin, Southridge, 1:15.04
  3. Molly Jansky, Jesuit, 1:21.19
  4. Harper Hayes, OES, 1:23.37
  5. Andi Grillo, Southridge, 1:24.49
  6. Sophie Boden, Sunset, 1:25.97
  7. Claire Jacobsen, Jesuit, 1:29.84
  8. Avery Branen, Tigard, 1:30.29
  9. Jessica South, Jesuit, 1:30.47
  10. Anna Kemper, Sunset, 1:33.31


  1. Jack Botti, Sunset, 1:07.88
  2. Jake Bowton, Hillsboro, 1:09.48
  3. Mitchell Law, Jesuit, 1:12.83
  4. Andis Solomon, Jesuit, 1:13.47
  5. Cole Jacobsen, Jesuit, 1:15.44
  6. Paul Richter, Southridge, 1:18.62
  7. Josh South, Jesuit, 1:19.13
  8. Will O`Leary, Valley Catholic, 1:20.76
  9. Cayce, Pitts, Glencoe, 1:20.87
  10. Mitch Viner, Glencoe, 1:23.88

And here are the top 10 finishers for the Winterstart slalom:


  1. Lili Bouchard, Mount Bachelor Sports Education Foundation (MBSEF), 1:37.18
  2. Ashley Lodmell, MBSEF 1:38.23
  3. Mackenzie Green, Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC), 1:39.38
  4. Sophia Sahm, MBSEF, 1:41.27
  5. Zoe Simpson, MAC, 1:43.17
  6. Natalie Waldram, 1:45.71
  7. Elena Klonsky, MBSEF, 1:47.11
  8. Paget Rathbun, MBSEF, 1:47.91
  9. Aiden Willett, Meadows Race Team, 1:50.01
  10. Isabella Hoffman, Mount Hood Race Team, 1:51.12


  1. Michel Macedo, Cascade Winter Sports Club, 43.90
  2. Nathan Gunesch, Mount Hood Ski Education Foundation (HMSE), 45.09
  3. Minam Cravens, MBSEF, 45.57
  4. Charlie Stuermer, MBSEF, 47.47
  5. Jonathan Wimberly, MBSEF, 47.67
  6. Luke Musgrave, MHSE, 47.76
  7. Jack Smith, MBSEF, 47.82
  8. Connor Splitstoser, MHSE, 48.89
  9. Colin Howe, Cooper Spur Race Team, 48.90
  10. Jake Klonsky, MBSEF, 49.67

You can look up the full results at livetiming.com.